Pony Party Express has been in business since 2004.  We have done thousands of events.  We started Pony Party Express to be able to share our precious animals with everyone and to give our children jobs so they could learn how to work and contribute some of their time to the community.

Here at Pony Party Express most of our animals are rescued and have found their forever home.  Our animals are like our children.  They are well cared for (spoiled).  They are handled and fed every day.  They know they are rescued and show their sweet affection continually.  They LOVE their jobs.  When we go to the pasture to call them up to go to work, usually they all come running as if to say "pick me, pick me" lol.

Even though we are not an actual non-profit company, all of the proceeds from Pony Party Express go to rescue animals, feed and care for the animals, pay our wonderful staff or pay other necessary costs such as fuel, insurance, worker's comp, etc.  We do try to contribute also by helping handicapped children and children with cancer.

We are fully insured and our motto here is SAFETY FIRST!!!!!!!!

We find it our most important job to keep everyone safe - the kiddos and the animals.

Thank you for checking out Pony Party Express and we hope to meet you sometime soon!!!!!  We would love to be part of your special celebration!!!