Meet our Sweet Animals


Daisy is our Dapple Palomino Pony

She is a Favorite for Little Girl Parties

She makes a Beautiful Unicorn

She can carry up to 85 lbs

Little Britches

Little Britches is one of our Favorite Little Guys.  He is Great with the little ones.

He can carry up to 65 lbs


Cupcake Loves to be Painted.

She thinks it's a Spa Treatment

The kids get almost mesmerized between the pony therapy and their artistic expression.


Mr. Pickles is our big beautiful boy.  He can carry up to 85 lbs.


Coco and Poco Love to do Petting Zoos.  If we come to your fenced backyard we will turn your yard into a farm.


Pip and Toby are silly little goats.  They love to do petting zoos.  They are friendly and lovable and very curious.

Be careful to watch out for their horns and also be careful or they might try to go in your house.


Emmy is one of our beautiful silky chickens.  She loves to be held.  She is like a puppy.


Bubba is a silly little goat that loves to go to parties.  He can often be found sleeping on the job.  

Winter is one of our beautiful Angora bunnies.  Winter loves to be petted.


Maisy is a sweet girl.  She can give pony rides and also loves to be part of the petting zoo.  She is a small miniature and can only carry about 50 lbs.


Teacup is a cutie patootie.  She is a tiny miniature horse.  She gives rides to little bitty kiddos on the carousel and also does the petting zoo.  She is not great for hand led rides as she takes tiny little steps that can be pretty rough for the little ones. 


Winter is a beautiful angora bunny.  He is very sweet and loves being petted.

Marley and Nelly

Marley is our miniature Jesuit Donkey.  She is very friendly and loves to be part of the petting zoo.  Nelly is our large Jesuit Donkey.  He is the protector of all the animals at the Pony Ranch.  He doesn't leave the ranch much but can come to parties for pictures and petting.